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A discord bot created with a core purpose in mind. Mandroc was a bot that was dedicated to providing moderation tools, economy and other notible features for the MenuDocs server.

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Discord Leveling

A project that created an easy way to implement a levelling system into your discord bot.

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Currently holding its version two, erela.js is a easy-to-use lavalink client making it just that much easier to implement music functionality into your javascript discord bot.

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Guides is a community driven, written guides project providing tutorials on anything and everything programming related.

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The replacement to our very own Mandroc is Pyro! This project provides accessibility to the users of the MenuDocs discord with its helpful functionality.

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Erela.js Spotify Plugin

A spotify plugin that works with Erela.js allowing users to provide spotify links.

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Connor Moriarty

A 20 year old developer, born and bred from England, currently living in Australia. Passionate about providing educational resources for others and helping others grow as individuals. Able to code in Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Proud founder of MenuDocs, a provider of free to use educational tutorials and resources.

  • Github (Link)
  • Twitter (Link)
  • Discord (Connor#4767)

Duncan Sterken

A 22 year old developer from the Netherlands, mainly focuses on backend web development however sometimes jumps into front end work. Able to code in Java, PHP, Kotlin, Groovy, C#, Javascript, HTML and CSS/SCSS.

Also owns/develops a very successful discord bot, DuncteBot, this bot is a multifunctional bot that can cover any of your discord needs.

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